Hey Rocky, Watch Me Pull a Shelf Out of an old Pallet

I’ve had this pallet sitting in my driveway for months, ever since the hardware store gave it to me a few months back when I came home with a metric crap-ton of Quickcrete in the back of my Civic.  It hasn’t served a purpose in months other than providing a certain pauvre blanc appeal that I try very hard to maintain (unfortunately I can’t afford cinder block yard art…. yet).

So today I decided to do something with the pallet. Just burn it you say?  If only the township would let me.  Fortunately I have far more elaborate and time consuming plans for this thing.

May I present to you, my Shallet… or Pelf… I’m really not sure what to call it. Anyway, it’s made from a pallet and it holds shit.

The good news is I’m very good at buying power tools. My DEWALT DW744X Table Saw was the workhorse of this project, outfitted with a dado set for cutting the grooves for the shelves. I used my DEWALT Finish Nailer to tack everything into place once I had it glued and clamped.

The bad news is, this is my first time building anything that required any sort of precision. Plus the fact that the parts I reclaimed from the pallet were irregular and warped to begin with, well… this shelf will never be accused of being perfect. But according to the country home magazines my mother reads, people apparently pay good money for stuff the looks old and folksy.  I might have a new career on my hands, people.

Anyway, enjoy! Apparently there are other people who have done equally creative and far more attractive things with their old pallets. Check those out too.

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Removing a Nail With a Broken Head

A nail with a broken head

Broken fasteners and cursing were surely invented by the same person.

It happens to the best of us: you’re removing a nail and the hammer or pry bar strips off the head, making it seemingly impossible to remove from the wood and making it impossible to not release a clever mixture of the word “mother” and various expletives and sex acts. Once your cathartic cursing is completed, try this:

Rock Your Hammer To the Friggin’ Side

Get a hold of the nail in the hammer’s claw as close to the wood as you can and as far back in the claw as you can. You don’t want the nail to be able to slip out. Then instead of pushing or pulling the hammer front or back like you normally would , rock it to the side.  It should pull the nail out of the wood on a curve to whichever side you rocked the hammer. Now re-seat the nail in the claw as you did before, and rock the hammer to the other side.  A few repetitions like this and you’ll have the nail out in no time.

If there isn’t enough nail sticking out to catch with the hammer, you can try a pair of Linesman Pliers, but be warned it’ll be hard on them.  I keep an old pair of pliers in my tool bag for such occasions.

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Welcome to The Boring Homeowner Guy

Welcome to my new blog, The Boring Homeowner Guy! This is a second attempt at chronicling my life as a homeowner.  The first was 98marketst.com. It was fun while it lasted, but frankly I posted blogs about as often as I dust under my nicknacks (hint: never). I’ll do better this time, I swear! Plus I’m not paying for a domain so if I get lazy and never come back? Who cares!

I’m calling this The Boring Homeowner Guy because let’s face it: when those of us who took the plunge into home ownership talk to those who didn’t, we can sound boring.  When we talk about remodeling renters falls asleep, meanwhile our erections grow proportionally to the balance on our line of credit at Lowes.

So sit back and enjoy the show folks. I’m about to get my blog on.



Don’t Buy Disposable Swiffer Wipes: Use a Washcloth!

I found this excellent tip on /r/LifeProTips the other day: instead of purchasing the rather expensive Swiffer Refills, use a regular washcloth or rag instead.  They fit, the corners tuck snugly into those creepy Swiffer sphincters on the top of your mop, and oh yeah, you’ve probably got a dozen crap washclothes and rags sitting around, just waiting for something to do.

I tried a regular washcloth on my Swiffer mop as instructed by Reddit. Works Great!

A washcloth on a Swiffer vs. my doghair infested hardwood.

Does it work? You betcha. Another user on reddit suggested using a microfiber cloth and Endust to replace the disposable Swiffer Dry Mop refills. I haven’t tried it so I won’t vouch for it, but the damp washcloth picked up all sorts of magical treats on my floor as you can see in the image.