About RC Creative

What is RC Creative?

RC Creative provides maker and DIY videos and guides with a practical twist. I sell the projects I make in my articles and videos. I also provide videos, guides, and plans to help my visitors solve their own problems with their own hard work and ingenuity.

What is the Purpose of RC Creative?

The goal of RC Creative is to publish content that helps everyday people utilize the tools and materials around them to solve their own problems. I sell the projects I make in my online store and I also provide free videos, guides, and plans to help you solve your problems with your own hard work and materials.

Who is RC Creative For?

RC Creative’s store is for folks who appreciate hand-made goods and for individuals that appreciate goods built with concern for re-use, upcycling and sustainability. Whenever possible RC Creative likes to make from reclaimed materials (but I also like to “treat myself” to the good stuff from time to time).

RC Creative’s videos, guide, and plans are for makers, homeowners, woodworkers, and others who enjoy getting their hands dirty and prefer working–rather than spending–their way out of a problem. RC Creative provides videos, guides, and plans for all of our projects.

Who is RC Creative

My name is Brian Reich. I’m a freelance web developer by trade and a maker and online content creator on the side. I’m hoping that some day RC Creative can be my full-time gig, but until then Reich Consulting can rock your online presence.

I spent the first 20 years of my life obsessed with computers and coding. College taught me what a one-dimensional person I had become and awakened the knowledge beast within! After college I began cooking, building some basic furniture, and doing my own maintenance at whatever apartment I happened to be renting.

You can basically blame Mike Holmes for what happened next.

When I bought my house everything changed. In my first year I made the mistake of watching way too much Holmes on Homes and as a result my house was not how we do thingsnot up to code, and so I decided to gut it. As it turns out ripping a house apart is really cheap! Putting it back together is hard and expensive when it’s not done by an expert with a big budget and a crew of well-intentioned construction bad-asses!

Fortunately I love hard work and I love to learn, and this house has forced me to improve myself every bit as much as the house itself. I’ve discovered the satisfaction of hard work and creating something from raw materials, and I’ve realized that the problem solving skills that I learned as a coder can be applied successfully to the physical world.

My Philosophy

Sir Anthony Hopkins in The Edge describes my philosophy perfectly: