Fixing the Hot Water Heater

Sweet, Delicious Water Heater Crust

Instead of calling my mommy to cut the crust off like my sandwhiches, I just replaced these things.

The hot water in my house was never particularly plentiful, but there was usually enough for a warm shower.  Recently all that changed.  For the last few weeks taking a hot shower felt like being on the receiving-end of a German watersports video, and I’m not talking about skiing on Lake Bordesholm.

I finally decided to tackle the problem today, and with the help of a YouTube video from a father-daughter team called Nature’s Friends it was a simple task. You’ll need flat-head and Phillips screw-drivers, a multi-meter, a garden-hose, and if the problem lies in your heating elements you’ll need a special wrench to remove and replace them. After testing the voltage and resistance as instructed, I drained the water heater and replaced both elements which seemed to be growing some sort of Crystalline Entity.

My showers are now hot enough to cause discomfort. Just the way I like them!