Fixing a Broken Chalk Line

The clip from my chalk line fell off and disappeared, so I replaced it with what I had available: a tab from a soda can.

My MacGuyvered Chalk Line

As I gathered my tools to begin working on a built-in bookshelf, I found that the clip on the end of my Irwin Chalk Line was missing and the string itself was receded back into the reel.

Getting the string out is a no-brainer.  On most chalk reels you just remove a few screws from the back (make sure you’re holding it in such a way that the chalk doesn’t fall out), untangle the line, feed it through the mouth of the reel, and re-tighten the screws. But what do you do about a missing clip?

I searched the Internet and couldn’t find replacement clips, so I had to Macguyver a solution. What construction site/remodel doesn’t have a few beer or soda cans sitting around?  I snapped the tab off a can, bent the wider end into an “L” shape, and knotted my chalk line through the hole on the other side.  I’m not going to say it works just as good as the original clip, but it works well enough that I’m not going to replace my chalk line for a while.