Ode to Kirby

Kirby: Generation 2 Look at this picture.  What do you see?

Most people see a relic housekeeping past that belongs in an old folk’s home or museum.  This is a Kirby Generation 3.  It’s as old as I am, yet it’s outlived about a dozen other vacuums.

The Kirby was given to me by my mom and dad.  Not because they bought a better vacuum but because this veritable floor cleaning tank was just too heavy to carry up and down stairs.

That’s definitely the only downside to owning a Kirby: it’s heavy. When my ex girlfriend lived with me she hated it because of it’s weight, so for the upstairs we used her old bagless vacuum from her apartment.  That one choked on every cleaning, so her parents bought her a brand new bagless vacuum. I’d have to disassemble that one about every other time it was used because it would clog with pet hair.

Unless you run over something massive the Kirby doesn’t clog, but I have seen a penny get stuck in the roller just the right way to jam it.  You turn the vacuum off, dislodge the penny, and go back to business.

And despite the fact that it’s older than I am, you can still buy bags and other accessories you’ll need at a variety of online retailers.  Personally I still prefer vacuums with bags. The canisters on bagless vacuums are never as easy to empty and clean as they should be, and the filters quickly clog with fine dust  and rip or need replaced.

You might be asking yourself what I have to gain from promoting Kirby?  Well, they’re owned by Berkshire Hathaway now so I was hoping Warren Buffet might surprise me with some free company shares.  But other than that? Not a damn thing.  If you see one of these vacuums at a yard sale or auction I highly recommend picking it up.  It will outlast a dozen modern vacuums you might find at Walmart.