Cut the Crap! The Right Way to Cut Just About Everything

If you’re like me, you made it your job as a child to ignore anything useful your parents might have taught you.

My mom is an amazing cook and now I find myself regretting my lack of concern for her cullinary craftsmanship every time that I enter a kitchen. She’s always happy to give me advice when I ask, but I like to do my own thing before I call people begging for help.  Plus, you know, there’s YouTube.

My most recent difficulty involved trying to make a half-decent salad.  The quest actually began when I made a very sad salad for a dinner I was invited to: the vegetables were either to big or too small, and the tomatoes ended in a puddle of more skin and goo than a Saw sequel.

Yes, being 30 years old and not knowing the right way to cut lettuce is pathetic.  So sue me. You’ll be happy to know I’m now slicing and dicing like a pro and my salads no longer look like I tossed them in a wood chipper.

I’m compiling a list of videos on the right way to cut various foods.  Have anything to add? Leave a link in the comments and I’ll throw it on the list!




Cucumber (sushi style)






Hard-Boiled Eggs