Fixing the Hot Water Heater

Sweet, Delicious Water Heater Crust

Instead of calling my mommy to cut the crust off like my sandwhiches, I just replaced these things.

The hot water in my house was never particularly plentiful, but there was usually enough for a warm shower.  Recently all that changed.  For the last few weeks taking a hot shower felt like being on the receiving-end of a German watersports video, and I’m not talking about skiing on Lake Bordesholm.

I finally decided to tackle the problem today, and with the help of a YouTube video from a father-daughter team called Nature’s Friends it was a simple task. You’ll need flat-head and Phillips screw-drivers, a multi-meter, a garden-hose, and if the problem lies in your heating elements you’ll need a special wrench to remove and replace them. After testing the voltage and resistance as instructed, I drained the water heater and replaced both elements which seemed to be growing some sort of Crystalline Entity.

My showers are now hot enough to cause discomfort. Just the way I like them!

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  1. Zappa reich
    Zappa reich says:

    You stud. You. When I sired you I didn’t sire some blooming idiot. Your skills are improving and your father is proud of you. Pap Haines you do say he liked me because I would try anything. That has gotten me into trouble at times, but that’s how you learn. Good article, but what did it have to do with mom and slicing of bread?

    • reichconsulting
      reichconsulting says:

      Thanks pops! The mom slicing bread thing was a really stupid joke, apparently! You know how little kids get their mommies to cut the crust off their bread? I was gonna have mom come over and cut the crust off my heating elements!

  2. MOM
    MOM says:

    Thank you Boring Home Owner Guy since 2009 for once again entertaining me. I think that in the future if my hot water heater gives me the fits, I shall just call you 🙂 !!!!!

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