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How to Make a Doweling Jig for a Bit and Brace

A subscriber asked me to make a doweling jig. I can't say it turned out great, but here it is!

Exercise Matts

The Wood Talk podcast was just begging for a Photoshop of "Exercise Matts." Here it is.
The Restored and Refinished Leg Vice

Restoring an Antique Leg Vice

Follow along as I restore an old leg vice I found at a rummage sale and install it on my workbench. It's like I bought a second set of hands for ten bucks!

Cutting in Corners with a Paint Brush

Learn how to cut in corners with a paintbrush like a pro! We've included a video because it's a technique that's impossible to describe in words or photos.

How to Make a Wine Bottle Pendant Light

Learn how to make a wine bottle pendant light using upcycled wine bottles a few tools, and some materials from the hardware store.

Grizzly G0715P Table Saw Review and Setup

My Grizzly G0715P Table Saw Review follows along as I setup my new saw and use it for the first time. I provide details setup instructions and in-depth review of the product.
How to Cut Bottles With the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter Masthead

How to Cut Bottles with the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Cutting a bottle without the right tool is tough and error-prone. Learn how to use the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter to quickly and easily make perfect cuts for all your wine bottle crafts and projects.
Learn how to clean wine bottles and remove the labels the easy way!

How to Clean Wine Bottles

Learn how to clean and remove the labels from wine bottles the easy way, with tools and materials you might already have on-hand.

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