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How to Save Kale Seeds Featured Image

How to Save Kale Seeds

Learn how to save kale seeds by picking pods at the end of the season and retrieving the seeds through the process of "winnowing."
A secret compartment book I made in about 10 minutes using a custom tool.

How to Make a Secret Compartment Book

Learn how to make a secret compartment book in a about 15 minutes using one simple trick!
A custom blade I made to hollow out a secret compartment book. It cuts through hundreds of paper pages with ease.

Make a Tool for Hollowing out a Secret Compartment Book

This article and the accompanying video explains how to make a tool for hollowing out a secret compartment book in minutes instead of hours with an Xacto!

Propagating Raspberries, Part 1: Digging out Suckers

Propagating raspberries is easy if you let the plant do the work for you! Let the bush grow suckers (new shoots), then dig them up. It's that easy!
The full library of wood grain materials (fills) for Sketchup.

Wood Textures for Sketchup

Learn how to add a variety of wood grain textures to Sketchup 2014 and above!
A set of bench hooks made from two 12" scraps of 2 x 4.

Bench Hooks Inspired by Roy Underhill

I just had to show off the the bench hooks I built after watching Roy Underhill's demonstration.

Upgrading a Dewalt DW735 Planer to a Shelix Cutterhead

I discuss how and why to upgrade a Dewalt DW735 Planer to a Shelix segmented cutter.
A splice of NM cable made outside of a junction box.

Electrical Code Violations: Where's Waldo of Bad Wiring

I discuss all of the electrical code violations I found in the walls when I remodeled my dining room. Learn electrical code on the go!

The RC Creative Shop

Not in a do-it-yourself mood? You can buy or finished projects in the RC Creative store, as well as premium content and project plans.

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