• Skills

    Woodworking, panel glue-ups, mortise & tenon joinery, glass

  • Materials

    Cherry, bubinga, glass

  • Inspiration

    My wedding, Pinterest

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Wedding Guest Book Heart Box

I couldn’t very well let my wife-to-be plan an entire wedding without putting my mark on it. So in April, 2015 I turned to Pinterest and soon discovered a variety of ideas for replacing the traditional guest book with something a little bit more interesting. I settled on building a wedding guest book heart box. Instead of signing a book, your guests make their mark on a heart and drop it into a glass-faced frame, Plinko style.

Heart Box Construction

Our heart box is the first project I ever built in which I gave myself permission to “buy the good stuff.”  I built the box from cherry. The back is made from 1/4″ strips of cherry glued-up into a panel.  Using thin strips allowed me to make an attractive wide panel while using half the amount of the expensive cherry I purchased for the project. The front is made from African bubinga, a dark hardwood that has a purple tint. The front is a pretty standard frame and panel design with a glass pane in the front.

Guests sign the hearts and drop them in an opening at the top, Plinko style.

I Totally Cheated on the Hearts

I love woodworking, but there was nothing fun about the idea of cutting out 50 identical hearts. So we found a cheap source online and bought them. My awesome dad painted them for me.