• Skills

    Woodworking, turning, pattern-making

  • Materials

    Cherry, pine, bubinga

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Wood Light Canopy

When I started making my wine bottle pendant lights I realized that I did’t have any canopies sitting around the house to cover the fixture box in the ceiling.  I also- didn’t want to finish the look of my hand-made lighting with some boring stock canopy from a big-box store. So I fired up the lathe, chucked in a 4″ diameter pine circle, and started turning.  Thus was born our wood light canopies.

Wood Light Canopy Construction

My first two canopies were made as an experiment.  But when I started making them in larger quantities I realized that I needed to make the shapes match.  So I started by making a template from scrap 3/8″ plywood that outlines the teardrop shape that I give my canopies. Then I start with a 4″ diameter circle, slightly over-size. I secure it on the lathe, and start shaping with a few basic gouges. As I progress I check the shape against the template until they match as closely as possible.

When I’m finished turning the canopy to it’s rough shape I leave it in the lathe and sand it to 220 grit. I clean them and then give them a finish of oil and wax.