Cold Steel Two-Handed Machete

Cold Steel Two Handed Machete

I inherited my Cold Steel Two Handed Machete years ago from a friend who spent his youth collecting knives, swords, and other things that were sharp and bothered his parents.  Since that day 10 years ago it’s gone from my favorite “zombie apocalypse” novelty to my favorite outdoor tool.

The Cold Steel Two Handed Machete is incredibly useful, rugged, and fun, and it manages to be all of those things in spite of it’s low price tag.  I use my mine to cut brush, remove tree limbs two inches or more in thickness, trim shrubs, and pretty much any job that requires one thing to be cleaved from another. I’ve used my machete for plenty of jobs it’s not meant to do simply because I want an excuse to play with it.

The Cold Steel Two Handed Machete weighs in at 2.2 pounds and has a total length of 32″.  It feel incredibly lightweight and easy to control, and yet you won’t have a problem hacking through substantial brush with it.  The polypropylene handle isn’t that comfortable, but it’s incredibly durable.  The blade itself sharpens well and will serve you well for many, many years.