Return Policy

RC Creative wants to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. If we ship you the wrong item, you purchase arrives damaged, or it’s other otherwise not in the condition advertised on the site, contact us within 14 days of receiving your order. Once we’ve verified the problem we’ll be happy to rectify the problem.

  • Returns

    RC Creative accepts returns of incorrect orders and items damaged during shipping at our expense. We will not accept returns of items of that arrive as-ordered, and in the condition advertised on in the store.

  • Refunds

    RC Creative will be happy to process full or partial refunds for items damaged during shipping. We will not process refunds of items that arrive as-ordered, and in the condition advertised in the store.

  • Affiliate Items

    RC Creative’s return and refund policies apply to items we make and sell directly. Some of the items on the RC Creative store are sold through affiliates, such as Amazon. Returns and refunds for items purchased through an affiliate are at their discretion. The RC Creative’s refund and return policy does not apply to products purchased from our affiliates.

  • Hand Made Items

    While we do our best to maintain a certain level of perfection in our craft, all of the items that we sell in our store are hand-crafted. Keep this in mind when considering requesting a return, and that normal wearing of materials may not make your purchase appropriate for a return.  We’ll be happy to return or refund merchandise that’s damaged during shipping or of a quality that makes it unusable or unattractive. However glass bottles can chip during cutting, reclaimed wood can have a patina from years of weathering, and even new wood can suffer tear-out during the milling process.