The Restored and Refinished Leg Vice


It turns there aren’t any laws preventing me from procreating. How about that! I’m going to be a dad in about two weeks, and that’s changed some things for me.

Over the past nine months my priorities have shifted. I was plugging away with my new web marketing business and making slow, steady progress with RC Creative when we found out my wife was pregnant (good news). At the time I was really hoping I could turn this into something serious a little sooner.  Unfortunately getting my house ready for the baby has been more important.  I’ve been working hard building projects and finishing the remodeling on the house. I’ve finished the living room, remodeled a room upstairs to replace my office which will now be our nursery, finished the dining room, and even built a kitchen with cherry cabinets and counter tops from scratch.  But getting done was more important than doing it with the camera on.

So for those of you who like my content? Sorry I’ve managed to produce nothing aside from a one-off “vlog” episode in months. Unfortunately I don’t forsee that changing right now.  As I adjust to family life I’m hoping I can incorporate the maker part of me into it.  Maybe the web work that currently pays the bills will slow down and I can get on some of the projects folks as asked me to build.  That’d be nice.  But for now my focus is on building a good life for little baby Name To Be Determined.