Don’t Work Tired

The past few weeks have done to my brain what my twenties did to my liver: it’s freaking fried.  I come home in a mental state fit for little more than a Chinese take-out binge, some Netflix, and something that look a little like this.

This is not the right frame of mind for remodeling. Two nights ago I came home from work feeling obligated to hang drywall. The body was able but the mind wasn’t willing, and despite that I forced my way through hanging a few sheets on the ceiling. I’ll be honest: calling the work I did that day amateur makes amateurs look bad by comparison. I know how to hang drywall.  I know how to measure, mark, and cut. I know how to line screws up with the studs beneath them and I know how to drive them deep enough without breaking the paper face of the Sheetrock.  I know I should mark the location of fixtures prior to hanging so I don’t have to guess later.

Yet I was too brain-dead to do any of this, and now I’m left with cracked edges, a bunch of screw holes where I missed the studs completely, and a hole where I missed the location of a light by several inches.  My ceiling doesn’t look bad because I don’t know better. It looks bad because I don’t hang drywall enough for this process to be automatic, and my mind wasn’t in the right place to think before doing.

So take it from the guy that’s probably going to either live with an ugly ceiling or spend twice as much time on finishing: don’t start a project you’re not in the mindset to do right.

Marc Spagnuolo at the Wood Whisperer has a similar take when it comes to exhausting and woodworking.

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